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We have to accept the fact that the best time to invest in a child intellectually is during his or her pre-adolescence. This is because everything they learn at that time set in there mind and appears in the later years of their lives. In the country like United Kingdom we have been seeing this trend since years. Parents wants there kids to start there middle schooling from boarding schools only.It gives you the opportunity to try new things, build amazing friendships, challenge yourself, gain independence, discover what inspires you, and discover everything you can achieve when you have the opportunity.

What is Junior Boarding School Association?

The Junior Boarding School Association supports and promotes prep boarding schools in the United Kingdom. It works with school leaders, especially principals and assistant principals, housing and student life professionals, and admissions and marketing professionals to promote excellence, innovation, and collaboration to make all students succeed.

What is a boarding school?

Boarding school are a type of school especially for students under 13 years of age which is a residential schools.Typically, boarding schools offer educational programs for students between grades 9-12. But, on the reverse, junior boarding schools suit them in grades 9 and below. That is to say, between grades 6 to 9.However, these middle schools are not boarding schools in their majority.

Why to choose Junior Boarding School?

As parents, we know that you want the best for your children. You can do everything from the most comfortable clothes to the best sportswear. However, we know that some of you may feel vulnerable when deciding whether boarding schools are better than full-time schools. This problem is not difficult to understand. Because the image of the boarding schools is not that great. However, benefits of boarding schools are not limited to extracurricular or academic activities. Several other factors suggest that boarding schools outperform day schools.

Basically, boarding schools are getting a lot of facilities. It has become more modern than before. Children are provided with better facilities to suit every season. Children living near boarding school are also allowed to go home.The school keeps in touch with children’s portraits and local guardians and their activities are communicated to the child’s parents, so that an atmosphere of trust can be made.

  • Children become self-reliant and understand priorities: In today’s time, everyone should learn to be self-reliant. Children study at home, but are not able to become self-reliant. At the boarding school, due to being away from their family, they become self-reliant and do not face any further trouble.
  • Understand priorities: Similarly, another major advantage of being in boarding is that children learn to prioritize by staying there. They know when to give priority to what.
  • Unique education and opportunity– The Junior Boarding School provides students with many other opportunities to study as well. For example, students get a chance to form good relations with their teachers by staying in a boarding school. Also they get a chance to participate in various sports activities etc.
  • Personal development: Personal development of children also takes place by staying in boarding school. They learn to live together with everyone. Many times children are unable to mingle with people outside while staying at home.
  • Learn different culture: The boarding school attracts students from different cultures from all over the country and the world. The best advantage of studying in a boarding school is that children get a chance to be with children of different culture and they learn different culture.
  • Command on other languages: The boarding school consists of children from different cultures and they speak different languages. Due to this, children are able to learn languages ​​other than their own language, which is very useful in today’s time.
  • All Round Development: Boarding schools also work on children’s sports and culture activities in addition to study. After school hours, children get to study separately and learn other things and they can also make there future as a better player. Apart from this, leadership and other skills are nurtured right from childhood. So that they can face any situations well in future.

As soon as the name of the boarding school comes up, a lot of people also talk about its negative side. They feel that children are strictly abused here and they are kept in a highly disciplined environment. This does not affect children properly and they do not survive childhood, but it is not so.Over time, boarding schools have changed themselves. Today, good boarding schools allow children to keep in touch with parents. They are allowed to talk through the internet.

What Experts say on Junior Boarding School?

Experts recommend that parents should show foresight when sending there children to boarding school, as it has a profound effect on a child’s life and career. Children remain more disciplined in boarding school and because of this they are able to focus on studies. Second, boarding school children get used to doing every task on their own, so they become more responsible.Later on, its meaningful results are seen as professionals are able to fulfill responsibilities easily in life and at home. Children get a different atmosphere from home in order to stay in boarding school. Here children live in groups with other children. So they are able to learn more things in less time. Attention is given here to the all round development of children. During this time, it is an effort to keep them away from stress. Along with this, special attention is given to their studies.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What kind of services do Junior Boarding School offers?

Many facilities are provided by Junior Boarding School other than housing and food. An ideal boarding school provides adequate facilities to keep the interest and comfort of the student while away from home. Facilities come with certain criteria that have to be followed to maintain order and discipline.

Are Junior Boarding School very much strict?

No Junior Boarding School are not that much strict. They follow set guidelines and protocols for there day to day schooling. They always try to provide better and comfortable stay to the children.