Why Attend A Junior Boarding School?

There are many reasons why families and their children choose a junior boarding school, including an interest in:

• More and new academic challenges and opportunities in arts, athletics, languages, technology, community service, leadership, global experiences

• More focused and structured assistance with school work

• An opportunity to succeed in school

• Expanding a circle of friends, in learning independence, in developing potential

• More stable setting due to family relocation, for example

• Being exceptionally well-prepared for the secondary school experience

• A specialized academic or enrichment program of one of our member schools

• The ‘one-stop shopping’ concept: all activities are offered at school along with social life and academic assistance beyond the school day

JBSA schools offer a variety of settings so there truly is the right setting for most children. And the right fit – for the child and family – is of paramount importance. Attending a junior boarding school is an opportunity and excellent middle school option.

A respected educational consultant, describes junior boarding as  “a gift of a lifetime,” while the parent of a JBSA school student notes,“When our son went away to junior boarding school, we got much more of him back each time we saw him. Seeing him happy helped us realize it was the best decision for all of us.”