Who Is A Good Candidate For A Junior Boarding School?

Junior boarding schools understand that no student will arrive at school as a ‘finished product.’ Our faculty and dorm parents meet kids ‘where they are’ and work with them to achieve their full potential.

Just as we have a variety of programs, good candidates are a variety of students:

• Students who are already excelling academically or in the arts, athletics, leadership

• Students who may need more structure in their day to focus on developing academic potential or other skill

• A range of students from those who are confident to those who are less confident

• Students who come from all kinds of locations, families, schools – each can find a junior boarding school that fits their needs and interests

• Students who want to repeat the 9th grade year and who will be enriched by a year of rigorous academics, leadership opportunities and who want to experience boarding school life

In our junior boarding schools, each day brings new opportunities to stretch and learn and have fun. The feeling is family-style and the elementary and middle school children and faculty members, who live on-campus, create a robust community, where all participate actively in daily school life. The atmosphere is exuberant, joyous and comfortable. Adults help children develop new skills, help children feel confident about what they’re learning and grow to mastery. Faculty accept the distinct challenges and opportunities that middle school children bring with them, helping with appropriate guided choice.

Students who have attended junior boarding school are extremely well prepared for secondary school – academically, socially, time-management-wise, self-advocacy and independence-wise. They can then focus on new experiences – in the classroom, athletic field, theatre, art studio – at top schools around the country. Our graduates understand how to be part of a community – what their responsibilities are, what being part of a team is, how to make new friends. They arrive at secondary school comfortable with the pace of school life, with openness to meeting new people and exploring new opportunities, and with an ability to balance the present and the future.

Junior boarding schools know that the trick is to relish the middle school years – not rush through them as ‘tween’ years but enjoy that special, complicated time in a child’s life and development. They understand that middle school is not just a bridge between elementary and secondary school but a unique educational and developmental stage in its own right when you can still hold a child’s imagination, still make a difference. If you get it right, you have preserved the wonder of elementary school while preparing a child for next steps in a confident and open manner; junior boarding schools get it right!