Testimonials: Why Junior Boarding Schools Work!

JBSA students:

My English teacher is my dorm parent – she just got a new puppy so it’s like I have one, too!

I get to be myself.

JBSA teachers:

We know them well – we have them in class, in arts and athletics, in the dorm. We have the time to help kids develop new interests and skills.

It’s so rewarding to see students succeed at our school, knowing that they’re ready for next steps.

Going online is not the easy first step here — there are so many other things to do that kids just don’t sit in front of their computers all day.

JBSA alumni:

I am still very close to my friends from junior boarding school. Even though, we graduated 26 years ago, we stay in touch.

JBSA secondary school placement director:

We always hear that secondary schools can tell a junior boarding school graduate – they are confident and prepared.

Secondary school admission directors:

Junior boarding schools kids are ready for the secondary school boarding experience. They are well-rounded and experienced in time-management, self-advocacy, meeting people from around the world, and getting most out of school right away.

These students communicate clearly and with enthusiasm!

Educational consultants:

A junior boarding school education is the gift of a lifetime.

Middle school students are developmentally separate from elementary school and from high – your programs are geared toward middle school and that’s great!

You all work magic, we know that!

JBSA parents:

Our daughter’s teachers really got to know her well and to appreciate her and bring out the best.

I believe that my child has access to incredible resources and that he is building a great foundation.

It’s great to see our daugher so happy in school!