Self, Community, and Outreach

Each student learns to be a valued member of the community along with learning to value all other members of the community.  Each has opportunities to be a leader, to learn how to be a ‘team’ player, to learn to live in a global society.  Friendships formed become lifelong.

JBSA schools have various programs and approaches to character development.  Our faculty model ethical leadership that assists kids in making the right kinds of decisions – we like to call it ‘guided choice.’

We provide a setting that is truly global:  students and faculty from around the world, living and learning, working and playing together.  We are proud of our diverse and global communities of students and faculty.  The opportunity to live and learn with people from the around the world at such a young age is remarkable; it sets kids up to function in our global society and helps them to learn and accept difference and appreciate the variety our world offers.

Community service is an excellent and practical way to help middle school students connect to the world around them, to be ‘outside of themselves.’  Service may be campus-wide, community-wide or even global in its reach.  At a prime time in their social and emotional lives, as they learn empathy and work toward global good, middle school students developed an excellent lifelong interest and skills.