Principles of Good Practice

In the spirit of cooperation and collegiality, the offices of admission and their directors at the JBSA schools agree to adhere to the following best practices:

  •  Each member school will abide by the NAIS Principles of Good Practice.
  •  Each member school will respect that each student is currently enrolled at another institution. If a family currently enrolled at a JBSA school is looking at another JBSA school, the prospective school must notify the current JBSA member school upon receipt of that family’s application. It is at the discretion of the admissions director to call sooner —for example, when the family first makes an inquiry.
  •  No member school or representative of a member school will actively recruit a student from another member school. Candidates must come from the inquiry process and not from the solicitation of a student.
  •  A member school must gather all the required materials from a student and their family prior to acceptance. No formal acceptance notification should be sent until all material has been collected. The minimum requirement for a full application packet will be:  a completed application; two recommendations from current teachers:  one from an English teacher, one from a math teacher, or, should an applicant be applying for 5th or 6th grade, then one teacher recommendation supplemented by a school administrator recommendation will meet the requirement; a school transcript; some form of interview (in person, via phone, etc.).
  •  JBSA schools will notify students of an acceptance no sooner than 48 hours after a file is complete. This includes a school’s not offering acceptance on the spot during a student’s visit, even if the visit completes the student’s application. The “48 hours” rule is an internally agreed upon good practice among the JBSA schools to allow families the necessary time to visit all schools and to make the decision best for their child rather than a decision made as a result of excitement of being accepted on the spot. If another school feels that a violation occurred and a student was “accepted early,” the head of JBSA would be contacted to review.
  •  JBSA schools will encourage all families to complete their tour of schools before making their final decisions.
  •  Prior to August 1, all families will have a minimum of seven days to give notice of their decision to the accepting schools.
  •  Member schools and their representatives should refrain from comparing their school with any other independent schools.
  •  To continue JBSA’s commitment to collaboration, the directors of admission (or their designees) will meet at least two times a year, with one meeting held jointly with the heads of their schools.