Our Network

The Junior Boarding School Association (JBSA), founded in 1989, is comprised of 10 exemplary schools in the northeast United States for elementary and middle school aged children. Each member school provides a residential program for middle school students.

Our member schools represent a range of distinct educational settings – from rural to more urban, from coed to boys only, and from small boarding populations to larger boarding populations. Amongst our membership, we have a variety of academic programs, extracurricular activities, and a range of styles and emphases.  Each member school is top-notch and addresses the ‘whole’ education of children. Each understands that what is really important is the right fit for a child and family.

Our group collaboration declares our commonalities as a unique group of schools and yet celebrates each member’s distinct program:

  • We value our members’ individuality and strengths but we band together to broaden admission access to our schools and to educate students and parents about junior boarding.
  • We meet several times each year to share best practices in administration and admission; in addition to accepting NAIS Good Practices in Admission, we pledge to JBSA ‘Good Practices’ amongst our member schools.
  • We have other collaborative projects and professional development programs including a video-conferenced speaker series and dorm parent training program for our residential faculties.  These enable us to share resources, ideas, and expertise that are unique to our schools and our boarding populations.

Our conversations as a group have brought us together to work in an inspired way, trying to crystallize who and what we are, for ease of definition.  While it is not easy to get to the essence of so rich a concept as junior boarding for middle school children, a phrase that seems to simply sum us up is:  Junior boarding school is middle school plus!