Parents’ Voices

The Truth About Junior Boarding Schools: Voices of Parents

Recently, the Junior Boarding School Association held an informational gathering for parents, students, and educational consultants in New York City at The House of the Redeemer on East 95th Street. It was our first collaborative event in that neighborhood; we partnered with Western Connecticut Boarding Schools, giving those attending the option of learning about boarding schools at the middle and upper school level. The Parents League of New York had a strong presence at this reception, too.

The greatest part of the evening – aside from welcoming all who attended – was the excellent parent panel session. Five parents who have children at junior boarding schools spoke, as only a parent could speak, and, that is to say, from the heart.

Parents hit the nail on the head when talking about junior boarding and the quality of learning, living, developing, and caring that their middle schoolers experience at our member schools. They talked of perseverance and patience, character-building and joy, faculty excellence and commitment, beautiful and top-notch facilities, life away from continual media barrages….well, you get the picture.

So, here’s what they had to say – parent-to-parent –  and from the heart:

“Junior boarding schools meet their students precisely where they are. For my son that has meant receiving support where needed and encouragement to forge ahead in his areas of particular strength. The result has been a child who is neither bored nor overwhelmed.

“The community environment at junior boarding schools is quite special. From dorm room dance parties and board games in the common room to baking brownies with her friends, my daughter spent a lot of quality time developing lasting friendships and a lot less time on the web.”

“Junior boarding school has been a great way for my son to navigate the difficult middle school years principally because the faculty and staff at junior boarding schools truly love kids this age and are devoted to their progress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is vastly different from the experience at even top day schools.”

“When junior boarding became a likely option for our child we first felt like failures as parents. Little did we know that it would soon become the greatest gift we could ever give our son. His joy has been realized many times over since our decision.”

“Junior boarding school allowed us to stop managing our son’s daily academic and social needs. This allowed him to claim responsibility for himself and feel self confidence in ways we could have never achieved had he stayed in day school.”

“Junior boarding schools allow students to find mentors in their lives who are available in way that teachers cannot be for only one hour a day in a day school environment.”

Consider this incredible opportunity for you and your child –

Kitty Burns
Executive Director, JBSA