Arts and Athletics: Enrichment Programs

Other learning opportunities abound in our arts and athletic programs.  Kids can develop a passion, tap into a talent that they didn’t know that had, or take a special interest to the next level. Enrichment and extracurricular programs are another facet of our commitment to educating the whole child and to building confidence.

JBSA schools have many of fine arts offerings from photography to woodworking to painting to weaving to computer art, from chorus to instrumental music to theater arts.  A young adolescent builds confidence and feels true joy expressing themselves through the arts as they are mentored by teacher/artists.

There are a variety of athletic offerings, too, encased in a philosophy of health and well-being, love of nature, and good sportsmanship.   Whether you child is interested in competitive or teams sports or has a passion for outdoors activities, junior boarding schools provide superb playfields, athletic facilities and coaches who mentor students in a healthy approach to sports, exercise or outdoor skills programs.

Arts and athletics offer kids the opportunity to channel their energy in healthy and productive ways.  In the junior boarding school environment, learning flows throughout the day and is re-enforced through different activities outside of the classroom; it is ‘integrated learning so that learning is maximized and enjoyable.

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