Academics…our energized learning environment

JBSA schools offer  academic opportunities and support – from advanced coursework to supportive assistance.  Our class sizes are small, promoting individual attention and teacher/student mentoring.  Each of our members has a low student-to-teacher ratio.  As one parent has said, “Junior boarding school allowed us to stop managing our son’s daily academic and social needs. This allowed him to claim responsibility for himself and feel self confidence in ways we could have never achieved had he stayed in day school.”

During the middle school years, the range of student ability becomes more pronounced as course content becomes involved and complex.  Our schools have small class sizes that make individual attention possible as well as academic assistance outside of the classroom times.  Students reside in dormitories where dorm parents – often their classroom teachers – are on site, often assisting students during evening study times.

Because we are independent and residential educational communities, we have flexibility in our academic scheduling and timing; we have school-wide cultures that support individual and group achievement.  

As well, we are technology-rich schools, guiding students to use these resources wisely and monitoring content and time spent online.

At the heart of the best learning environment for middle school students is  group work  but with individual focus.  Most excited by ‘active learning,’ middle school students thrive in the kind of learning environment and curriculum framework that we provide.

All in all, the junior boarding schools’ energized academic experience and environment eases students’ transition to secondary school.

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